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It’s been a little while since our last blog post. As you guys may know, it’s been a manic year for us so far. We released Missing Persons back in May. We’ve got the Spanish version of Ten Guilty Men out in August. And we’re hard at work on the sixth DCI Morton novel right now. I can’t give you a release date for that just yet, but it will be late 2017 rather than 2018.

On a more personal note, Dan is off to university this year. That does mean we’ll have to adjust the workload somewhat. He’s still going to be involved in the DCI Morton series (and De Minimis as a whole), but not to the same extent. He’ll still be around if you need to email him, but day to day enquiries (rights management, publicity, blogging requests, media enquiries and the like) will all be handled by Sean. He will be taking a more advisory role for Morton 6 onwards rather than an active writing role so that he can focus on his studies.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back with another update in a few months when we’ve got a firm launch date for DCI Morton book six. Until then, have a lovely summer.


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