Free Run/ Week One Results

The free run is over, the results are in. Over the last 5 days we gave away a whopping 81,952 books.

That meant that, on average, someone downloaded a copy somewhere on the planet every five seconds.

Each of those books represents a person downloading it.

If all of those people who downloaded Cleaver Square were in one place, we’d have a group with more people in it than live in any of the world’s smallest 42 countries.

That is utterly insane.

We reached #1 in free here in the UK, in the USA, and we made appearances in the top 100 lists all over the world.


The impact on our other books has been immediate and dramatic. Dead on Demand, which has been free for years and trundling along nicely, shot back into the top 100 free lists on both sides of the Atlantic.

Ten Guilty Men is hanging out at the 1xx range here in the UK – and made its first appearance on the UK’s Crime, Mystery and Thriller top 100 to boot.

But perhaps the biggest impact has been our new release which came out last week. The Patient Killer has snowballed into the UK’s overall top 100 sitting alongside big names like JK Rowling and Neil Gaiman, which makes it a UK bestseller after one week on sale.

Not only that, it also made top 100 lists around the world, including the Australian top 100 kindle list… which, I think, makes the ‘international bestseller’ tag appropriate (though frankly, I’d rather you try a sample if you’re on the fence – we give away books so you can find out for yourself if you like us).


Price Increase – Postponed

We are due to increase the price of The Patient Killer to £1.99 / $2.99 today. We’re not going to. You guys have done us the honour of putting us on the top 100 lists, and we think we should reciprocate.

We’re going to hold the bargain basement price of 99p a little longer, so if you love The Patient Killer and want to recommend it to a friend, then they can take advantage of the early bird pricing too. We’d rather make less money off each reader and sell to more readers. As long as we make enough to cover our production costs, and still pay for boring things like food and bills, then we’re golden.


Ten Guilty Men is currently on a Countdown Deal. It will revert to £1.99/ $2.99 after a week on sale automatically, so we can’t change the duration of that deal per Amazon’s rules. If you want to grab Ten Guilty Men for 99p/ 99c then now’s the time. That price reduction is good until the 16th.


In other news we’re featured in a Mystery and Thriller Cross-Promotion today. Over sixty authors are reducing their books to 99c for today and tomorrow, and there really is something for everyone. If you want to check out the selection then head over to

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  1. Fran Armstrong May 22, 2016 at 9:29 am

    I’ve just finished the 4th DCI Morton book _brilliant every one!! The plots are deep but not unbeleivable and the endings brilliant. I particularly enjiyed the endibg of 10 guilty men, will we be hearing more about the fate ifcthe protagonists in later books I wonder? Always a great fan of british crime thrillers I am thrilled to have discovered these and look foward to the next DCI Morton case!

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