Missing Persons, coming soon!

It’s coming up for release day again. This time it’s for Missing Persons, the 5th DCI Morton novel.

If you just want to know when it’s coming out then scribble May 4th in your diary. That’s release day. It’ll be on preorder at least two weeks before then, and we’ll be doing a launch special price of $0.99.

To celebrate the launch we’re giving away FOUR books.

  • Dead on Demand is ALWAYS free.
  • The Patient Killer will be free from May 4th to May 8th.
  • Cleaver Square will be free from May 7th to May 11th.
  • Ten Guilty Men will be free from May 10th to May 14th.

When you combine those four giveaways with our promotional launch price, we’re giving new readers the chance to buy our entire library – five full length novels – for $0.99.

Insane, right?

We can go one better. If you’ve got Kindle Unlimited, you can read ALL OF THEM without paying a penny (more than you already have). We actually make more money this way so don’t feel obliged to buy a copy if you’re a subscriber.

So what happens now?

Right now we’re booking adverts, split-testing blurbs, finalising the cover art, and sending out early ARCs. You’ll start to see our books being advertised all over the place from today onwards (starting at Snickslist with Dead on Demand). We will be all over the major book sites for the next two months to tell people about our free offer. If you can help get the word out (e.g. you run a book blog, tweet about books, are an author with a mailing list who might like to know about our freebies) then get in touch.

Equally if you want an Advance Review Copy then email Sean@DCIMorton.com; these will be going out until the preorder page goes live (at which point the book will be Amazon exclusive for the immediate future).

We’ll be updating everyone on our facebook page where our cover reveal for Missing Persons will take place first (and then we’ll post it up here). We’ve got loads of admin to do so if we’re a bit slow to reply to comments, our apologies in advance. We’ll be updating backmatter, fixing a couple of lingering typos, updating our social media, writing press releases, doing interviews, creating our social media graphics, and then putting together a media kit. It’s all boring stuff but it’s got to be done. We’re also making a start on researching DCI Morton #6 (codename ‘Saturday Night Special’) which we’re hoping to release around Christmas.

Some of our web presence is a little dated so our Amazon author bios, website, and social media presence will get a refresh to include the new book.

Once all that boring admin is out of the way we’ll put together a detailed explanation of our marketing plan for Missing Persons for our author friends as we have done for the last three releases. Please feel free to follow along and see what works and what doesn’t, and if you’ve got questions or suggestions then, again, feel free to get in touch.

On release day we’ll be doing the rounds – Reddit, KUForum, Kboards, Pinterest, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter and the like. If you’ve got a book blog or facebook group and want us to stop by to say hello and answer questions, we’re more than happy to oblige.

That’s it for now. To recap: ads start today, peak around release on May 4th. For ARCs, media kits, review copies, author appearances, drop us an email. If you want our marketing plan to nick for your own books stay tuned and we’ll put it up here in due course. If you need a release day reminder then follow us on facebook or join our mailing list (we only send out New Release emails so it’s spam free).


Dan & Sean

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