What’s better than one free book? Two free books!


For the first time ever Cleaver Square will be free from today for 5 days.

This is a huge risk for us. Cleaver Square is our best-selling title, and makes up a large chunk of our income. Usually free runs are designed to take a book which isn’t selling, and get it moving again. In our case we’re giving up a paid rank of approx. 1000 in the Kindle Store, a position most would kill for. There’s no guarantee we’ll come off free at anywhere near this rank.

Not only that, but we’re running a ‘two books free’ promo. Half of our library for absolutely nothing. We’ll be relying entirely on sell-through from readers who liked the first two enough to pay for books three and four.

In short, we’re putting ourselves in your hands. This is about reader empowerment. We’re not advertising a hard sell. We’re not gouging our existing fans for top-dollar prices. All we’re saying is: have a free book or two, and if you like ‘em, there are two more available for sale at a reasonable price.

Click the links to grab your copies now.


Dead on Demand - High res  PNG


Cleaver Square - ebook - PNG

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  1. Martha Skala May 21, 2016 at 4:32 pm

    LOVED LOVED LOVED Dead on Demand..haven’t read such a gripping page turner in ages..love the end twist! So sorry I missed the free 2nd installment. .bummed about that!

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